About Us

HOKER LORAI” was established in 2017 with 20 children at Kasba area. It started a street children education program named “Swapner Pathshala”.

This was the flagship program of the organisation, running since last 4 years. After that it started other different activities to support underprivileged community people of different area of Kolkata , North 24 Pgs, Howrah and Hooghly district of West Bengal. From 2018 it works on different social issues like disaster management, Health & Hygiene, Recreation, etc for community people. There are 6 members actively participate with the program of the organisation. The very name of the organisation “ HOKER LORAI” means Fight for Rights. In India , huge community people are less educated or uneducated . Due to this reason they are not aware enough on their basic rights as human being as per our constitution.

As a result they are exploited by the privileged people. In the beginning of establishing of the organisation with like minded people , the objective was to safeguard those community people who are exploited every day in day to day activities. “Haker Lorai” took initiative to fight for the people, so that they can truly be safeguard for the exploited people. Volunteers of the organisation always try to support to the community people for their rights on any issue like SSC protest, CAA – NRC Bill,etc. By more efficient, acceptable and constitutional way. It works on Education, Health& Hygiene, community service (Blood Donation Camp, Dry ration distribution, Medical camp, Eye camp) etc . On COVID 19 Pandemic situation it starts an activity to support Oxygen cylinder in critical crisis situation when hospitals, medical store are denied to provide service to the patients.


Our vision seems to revolve around creating a society where everyone has access to their fundamental rights and services. This is a noble and important goal, as basic rights and services are essential for ensuring the well-being and dignity of all individuals. Basic rights often include things like access to clean water, healthcare, education, a safe environment, and freedom from discrimination. Providing these essentials can lead to a more equitable and just society where everyone has the opportunity.


It's wonderful to hear about our mission to provide support and care for various underserved communities. Your goals of offering free education to underprivileged children, supporting mentally challenged individuals, providing free pet care, establishing a students' hostel for underprivileged children, and setting up an old age home are all admirable and would address critical needs in society.


About The Founder

Founder of “HAKER LORAI” Mr. Koushik Chowdhury is a renowned film director of tollywood. He worked as a social worker in his initial stage of career . After working few years in this sector he changed his path. He stated his own company. Beside that he feels to start a few charitable work with individual enthusiasm. He wanted to do development related activity with few like minded people with individual effort. He started a community based education program for underprivileged children of the community near his house at Kasba area with 20 children in the year 2017. Initially he started this program as educational support community education centre named “Swapner Pathshala” . Now this program is a part of his community development work. He is very enthusiastic and optimistic about his work and effort to develop a new hope for underprivileged community people.

Our Projects

Swapner Pathsala

Swapner pathsala a charitable education centre. We try to provide free tutions and all kinds of study materials to 1300 underprivileged children . We try to keep a smile on their face by providing new clothes during Durga Puja , Bengali New year and winter clothes on 25th December.

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Sporsho Supporting Mentally Challenged Individuals Living on the StreetsIn the bustling streets of our cities, amidst the chaos and rush of daily life, there exists a hidden and often overlooked population – mentally challenged individuals who are homeless. These vulnerable souls face a unique set of challenges that demand our compassion, understanding, and action.

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Dog Care Center

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Board of Trustees