About Us

"HOKER LORAI” has started an education program by opening of a charitable education centre named “Swapner Pathshala” at Kasba area of Kolkata. In the beginning there were 20 children coming from the slum area of Kasba. Those children were 1st learner of their family. Children are getting tuition support from the non formal education centre. This education program stated in March 2017 and run upto October 2017. During this period children were getting small tiffin, education materials like pen, pencil, eraser, exercise books etc other than tution support. In this period they got new cloths in Puja occasion. Only one education centre was run that time. After that this centre was closed due to few unavoidable reasons. From the year 2018 there were 9 education centre opend at Baranagar, Dakhineswar Rail Gate and Bali Ghat slum area. Now our total students strength is 1300 . Well education and enough established people joined in these centres as educator. As a result Children are getting proper guidance for their formal study. Teachers are coming with bright educational background.

Our Valuable Teachers